Broke Day Tuna Cakes


I was getting my nails done with the last of my free cash, because priorities, when my partner texted me asking what we should do for dinner. We weren’t getting paid until the next day and I was ripped off by a parking attendant ($8 for 2 hours???). I told him I could just find something to whip up and the next day we could go to the store and I would make a proper meal. We had some eggs left. Eggs for dinner. Sure, why not.

But while driving home I began to mentally scan the contents of the fridge and cupboards. That’s when I remembered we had two cans of ethically caught tuna. I remembered we also had some lettuce left, half a loaf of dried out bread and a little hummus. Oh and half an onion left over from a scramble. Salad? Sandwich? Boringgggggg. Then this recipe came to me. A creative challenge. A tuna cake, like a crab cake, but only using the ingredients I had handy. I accepted this challenge for myself. And guess what? It was BOMB. Also light and healthy, perfect for summer. Here’s what I did:

In a medium mixing bowl combine:

-Two cans of ethically caught tuna, drained. I got mine from

– Two tablespoons hummus

– Half an onion, chopped

– One egg

– One sliced of bread, crumbled up as small as possible. (I used the “butt” of a 7 grain bread since I didn’t have bread crumbs. I figured the end slice would be more crumbly and a better texture.

– Spices. I used pepper, paprika, a lemon rosemary salt I had in my kitchen and garlic power. Of course you can use any you like. Had I been in possession of a lemon I would have definitely used lemon juice.

Mix up all the ingredients and form little patties with your clean hands the size of crab cakes.

I fried them lightly in a non-stick pan in coconut oil. Olive and coconut oil are my favorite of all the oils.

I fried them on medium, approx 5 minutes on each side or until golden.

I served them on cheap ol’ paper plates with an easy, thrown together green salad with leftover baby greens, hemp seeds, sunflower seed and balsamic vinaigrette. Super easy and my partner went NUTS for this dish. The fun part is that you can add so many things to the cakes and really make them your own.




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