Summer Crack Snack: Jicama


Pronunciation: hee-cama

I remember this funny vegetable around my house a lot as a kid. Mexican dad + constantly dieting household. I don’t know about you but I am ALL about texture in foods and my favorite is crunchy. As much as I would love to chow on chips and crackers all day, I’m pretty committed to this whole health thing. Jicama has an awesome crunch and totally fulfills my desire for loud food. Add some lime juice and chili powder and it’s a refreshing summer snack while waiting for these chicken legs to BBQ (see above pic). I scored this pre-chopped and flavored at Whole Foods Market but it’s beyond easy to chop up a whole Jicama and add your own seasonings. Don’t let the thick skin of this plant scare you. They are great chopped up in salads too in place of croutons.

I will fully admit to never really knowing EXACTLY what a Jicama actually was until I started this post… I was pretty sure it was a veggie, despite being lightly sweet. It looks like a big giant white turnip, and as it turns out, it kinda is. Well it is a starch root vegetable, sometimes called a “Mexican yam” and is found in tropical climates. Which is maybe why I feel like i’m vacationing on some exotic island when I eat it.

Here is what it looks like whole (via Google images):



Freaky huh? And even though it’s low in calories (35 cal per 100mg), it’s packing some awesome nutrients ; fiber, Vitamins C, several B-complex vitamins, magnesium and iron to name a few.

I have only ever eaten it raw but it can also be cooked and made into chips! I am intrigued…Jicama chips. I think I will have to be trying that soon…stay tuned!




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