The Most Hurried of Curry

I love love love curries and stir-frys because they are such a super easy and fast way to eat healthy and the possibilities are truly endless. I mentioned in a previous post my recent craving for tofu so I decided to make an awesome curry skillet dish with a fresh brick of firm, organic tofu. I didn’t make the sauce from scratch and I feel guilty, my last post wasn’t a scratch sauce either…though I like to add my own extra goodies to pre-made sauces. I do promise that my next recipe will have a totally, completely homemade sauce. I swear!

I started with the base veggies. It’s all about the base. Onions, GARLIC, zucchini, mushrooms and a red bell pepper I found in my fridge, on it’s last legs. I’ve been all about olive oil lately, I think there is something to that magical stuff, I mean look at how beautiful Italians are. But since the curry sauce I was using already had a coconut base, I decided to use coconut oil to stir-fry the veggies until lightly tender. I knew i’d also be simmering them in the sauce so didn’t want over cook…plus I like my cooked veggies crisp, soggy veggies are gross.



When that was all nice and browned I added my precious super firm organic tofu and gave it all another little toss before sprinkling VERY generously with lots of TURMERIC and pepper.


I also tossed in some of my favorite nutrient packed goodies that you barely even notice are in there but your body thanks you like, way later. Right now super into hemp seeds. I use this brand, got it on



Then I added the curry sauce (I picked a yellow Thai curry, thanks again Whole Foods) and let simmer covered on LOW while I cooked the noodles. I have been super into rice noodles and pastas for the past couple of years and it’s pretty much the only ones I buy now.


It’s very important to not overcook the noodles, ESPECIALLY with rice noodles (I always undercook by a minute or two) and then IMMEDIATELY drain and run under cold water so they don’t stick together into one gnarly noodle blob monster. I separate them with my fingers while I run the cold water through them and then set aside for when I was ready to add them to the curry and veggie skillet, just long enough to mix it all together but not cook the noodles too much.

I topped with this funky coconut/peanut stuff my mom turned me on to used on Indonesian dishes (fusion, ok?) but you definitely don’t have to and “as is” this bomb dish is vegan and gluten-free. Woot!




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