Pokemon Salmon

Ok yeah I am totally cashing in on the Pokemon Go craze with that title, whatever, BUT HEAR ME OUT. Pokemon means “pocket monster”. I bake the salmon and veggies in a foil pocket. And a salmon is kind of like a river monster? Whatever, this was awesome, I am trying to get more fish in my diet aaaaaaand, I paired it with an amazing summer salad. Check it out…


I got me a gorgeous piece of salmon at my sanctuary, Whole Foods Market. Isn’t it pretty? I started by laying it on a big piece of foil on a baking sheet, squeezed the life out of half a lemon onto it’s shiny flesh and then sliced it three times to help it cook through and added bonus, made perfect portions. Then I sprinkled this glorious mixture all over it: Bespoke Provisions lemon rosemary salt! I love this stuff, I even use it to make popcorn (recipe for that coming soon!)…I got this fancy salt on Amazon.com.

I sliced up some zucchini and arranged it around the salmon. The oil from the salmon cooking should be enough to make the zucchini tender and flavorful but I also gave it a very LIGHT spritz of coconut oil spray and some fresh ground pepper.



Next I topped it with another similar size sheet of foil and folded over the edges, like a POCKET. I took a knife and stabbed three little slits at the top of it.

I then baked at 400 and set my timer for 30 minutes.

While that monster baked I filled a large bowl full of baby greens and things I found in my fridge and cupboards. Tomato, sunflower seeds, a can of garbanzo beans (drained) some leftover cooked golden beets, a ton of pepper and topped with my FAV Lucian Italia fig balsamic from ThriveMarket.com.


The zucchini was seriously the best I have EVER had. I usually ALWAYS cook zucchini in a skillet but this method was fantastic, will definitely be doing it this way again. Oh the fun lessons to be learned in a kitchen!



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