Review: Sun Cafe Organic Studio City, CA (Vegan, vegetarian, raw, GF, organic)

I have been wanting to try this place since I began curiously stalking Vegans on Instagram backin December. Though Little Pine is still my favorite Los Angeles veggie restaurant, Sun Cafe Organic easily takes the #2 spot. It’s also bigger and more inviting than Little Pine and better for more casual dining. I also found the food to be on the heather side as opposed to say, Doomie’s Kitchen. Just off Ventura Blvd, you enter through its airy and shady  outdoor seating. My companion and I dined inside because it’s the middle of summer in the Valley and it’s really, really, REALLY hot but I made a mental note to come back on a cooler day and sit outside with a nice book and one of their green juices or smoothies that I didn’t get to try first time around. 

Like I said, I wanted to try ALL THE FOODS but settled on a BBQ cauliflower appetizer and the pizza of the day, Fig and Tempeh Bacon pizza, topped with a generous portion of fresh arugula which made it more like a refreshing pizza salad, perfect for hot day. It was delicious and the first time I had tried cashew cheese and tempeh bacon. Both these flavors went amazing with the fig. I find myself craving it days later. The BBQ cauliflower was excellent as well and not battered and fried which I liked. A little lighter and more flavorful then similar dishes I’ve tried in other restaurants. 

As much as I wanted to try one of their smoothies, it would have been too much with this meal, however I did try their ginger Kombucha which was so good and more like a crisp cider. I swore I felt a buzz though I think it was in my head.

Folks on IG were raving about the desserts so I couldn’t leave without a bite. We split the raw cookie-dough cheesecake which was pretty decent and I had their Chai tea which was so delicious I didn’t need almond milk or sweetener. It paired perfectly. 

Definitely planning a Round 2 before I leave Los Angeles for good in Feb. Stay tuned! 



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