Tofu & Sweet Potato Mexi Scramble (Vegan)

One of my FAVORITE ways to cook, when I am at my most creative, are the times when there isn’t much in the house and I have to whip something together using the humble remains of my last shopping trip. That’s the fun stuff right there! I made this scramble for dinner though it would obvi make an excellent vegan breakfast.

It all started with a package of extra firm tofu and some pre-sliced sweet potato. You can use a veggie spiralizer or sharp knife to prepare your own with peeled sweet potatoes. I started with sautéing the sweet potatoes for about 10 minutes in just a little bit of olive oil. Then adding 1/2 cup of veggie broth and cooking for 20 minutes more or until tender while adding pepper, salt and garlic powder. Then I added some raw spinach.

If I had an onion I would have definitely chopped and tossed that in but sadly I did not. 

In a separate small pot I heated up a can of organic, vegetarian refried black beans.

Back in the skillet I added the firm tofu, chopped in cubes, chili powder, hot sauce and jalapeños. It was REALLY spicy so adjust to your own taste buds, bud.

I broke up the tofu with a spatula and I cooked on a high flame, keeping it moving.

Experiment: Success! I would have just added a chopped onion and maybe some fresh peppers instead of chili powder but I was happy with it and so was my friend who gobbled it down…


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