Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding


I ❤ this recipe so much because…

  • It’s incredibly easy to make. In fact your refrigerator does the heavy lifting.
  • It’s made with Matcha green tea.
  • It’s full of nutrients and health benefits!
  • Matcha. Green. Tea.
  • It’s dairy free and refined sugar free.
  • It tastes so good that I feel like I am eating a decadent dessert that I shouldn’t be eating.


Ok if you haven’t already guessed i’m kind of obsessed with Matcha green tea. I have at least one cup every day and I adore all things matcha flavored, ice cream to baked goods to Boba. I love that you can add this precious, antioxidant packed powder to just about anything (Matcha pancakes anyone?).

And I love Chia seed pudding. I love that I can take 5 minutes to prepare it the night before, stick it in the fridge and BAM…I have a post workout meal ready for me the next morning. And i’m not even a crazy busy person. Imagine if you were crazy busy and never had time to make breakfast or a healthy dessert? You need this. Have I mentioned this is super easy to make?

I use a mason jar to make my Chia pudding. Not because i’m a hipster, because it’s a perfect vessel, has a nice tight lid, is fun to eat out of and a cinch to clean and reuse. Let’s do this!


4 tablespoons raw organic Chia seeds

3/4 cup almond milk

2-3 teaspoons Matcha powder

1/4 cup organic 100% pure maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Add almond milk, maple syrup and vanilla to a mason jar. Wisk until well blended. Slowly add in Matcha powder will wisking or fast stirring with a fork to reduce lumps. Stir in Chia seeds.

Put lid on the jar and stick in your fridge over night.

The next morning top with cool things like: shredded coconut, raw nuts, fruit, dark chocolate chips, nut butters, etc etc etc.

Snarf down.




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