Snack Attack: Favs of 2016

Snacks are a very hot topic…a sensitive, deeply personal subject. So obviously this is just my opinion. It’s personal, man. I’m not a hardcore snacker but I am only human and a woman with hormones so sometimes I NEED crunchy or I NEED salty or I NEED chocolate and that’s just the way it is. I believe in listening to your body…that’s all the justification I need. Works for me! Here are some snacky snacks I munched on this year that I found exceptional, the snackiest of all.



I asked friends on FB what their favorite snacks were and though only 3 answered me (thanks guys) they all had one grub in common. Popcorn. Popcorn is awesome and fun to eat. It makes movies better and if it’s not soaked in mystery oils, you can eat a lot with a low caloric consequence. Like BOOM CHICKA POP is only 70 calories a cup for the Sweet and Salty flavor. The problem is it’s so freaking good and addictive you really can’t eat just one cup. So I have vowed to never buy it again. But I probably will because seriously it’s so freaking good.

I went to Cost Plus World Market to look for interesting foods from all around the world because Cost Plus has the most awesome inventory of interesting foods from all around the world. I could live there, it has everything you need, seriously. I find the most ridiculous things there. Like these Marmite Cashews. I’ve never been into Marmite or Vegemite but I do love cashews with just about anything on it. I bought it as a wacky experiment but it ended up being super good. Salty…in a good way. And the cashews are oven baked. I find myself randomly craving these and will definitely pick more up when I go back for Christmas shopping.



Alter Eco sea-salt truffles. Holy shit. Are you kidding me? I am in love with this company. They are organic, made with coconut oil, gluten-free, fair trade…this is my new favorite chocolate, ever. The best part is that one serving is three…so if you eat one you can be like “oh hell yeah I didn’t even eat a whole serving” and still get a nice chocolate fix…and if you eat three you can be like ” oh hell yeah I can eat THREE of them and that’s only one serving!.” You can’t lose.

I had to throw in So Delicious Cashew Milk ice cream because even though I did a whole post about this product, it’s so good I had to bring it up again. Read my full review here:


Halo Top. What can I say about you that hasn’t already been mentioned by EVERYONE WHO HAS THE INTERNET. If you follow food/cooking/fitness social media accounts you have definitely seen this product come up. I’ve heard the raves but was skeptical…I had heard similar praise about Arctic Zero which I took one bite of and threw directly into the trash. *shudders*…Halo Top actually looks and tastes like real ice cream, not a gross vaguely chocolately ice block. It’s really amazing. These people must be so rich and they deserve it. Healthy ice cream??? High protein/low carb and sugar? I don’t know how it tastes as good as it does but it really really really does.

The major selling point of Halo Top is that you can eat the ENTIRE pint for 240-380 calories…which is basically every woman’s wildest fantasy. You can miserably measure out a 1/4 cup of Ben & Jerry’s for the same calories as a whole pint of this magical stuff. And I never end up eating a whole pint. But knowing I could if I wanted to (and it would actually fuel my workouts)…this is the stuff of dreams. My favorites so far are Birthday Cake, Mint Chip and Lemon Cake. The Birthday Cake has sprinkles!




I discovered Hope Organic products via Whole Foods. I found the Jalapeño Cilantro hummus first and thought it sounded fun. I use it to dip veggies in. It tasted so good I assumed it had to be filled with gross ingredients or heavy creams or chemicals. But I was super surprised when I checked the label. It had very minimal ingredients, all clean and whole foods, healthy AF. I tried the Kale Pesto next which was equally fire, this one is good for spreading on sandwiches in place of mayo. They have a DARK CHOCOLATE hummus but I haven’t been brave enough to try it. But one day I will…for like, research.

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