Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes w/Cauliflower Mash (GF)

Eek. I haven’t updated in a while. I was sick with the worst flu in like, ever. So not a lot of cooking was getting done. Lots of sleeping. Lots of “The Path” watching. But i’m all better now and wanted to share the dinner I made for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to post it on Valentine’s Day but couldn’t so just pretend that today is Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I actually didn’t set out to make these look like cupcakes, nor specifically my favorite of all the cupcakes, RED VELVET. But they did. And I was happy. They all tasted really freaking good too and then I was double happy. The topping is cauliflower mash, making it gluten-free and *almost* Paleo (minus the gluten-free panko crumbs). I’d like to work more on making a totally Paleo version. Needless to say it was a big hit, I had one and my partner had FOUR. Who would have thought meatloaf could EVER be romantic? You’ll need this stuff:


– 1 pound organic ground turkey

– 1 egg

– 1/2 cup gluten-free Panko crumbs (I used Ian’s brand)

– 1 chopped white onion

– 1 tablespoons organic tomato paste (no sugar added)

– salt/pepper

-BBQ seasoning

-1 cup favorite BBQ sauce  ( I used Paleo chef cause it’s no added sugar)

– 1 head Cauliflower

– 1/4 cup Ghee

– 2 tsp chopped garlic

– 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan or Romano (optional)

– 1 tbsp non dairy yogurt (optional. makes for creamier mash)

– Large muffin pan


Set oven to 350. Spray a large muffin pan with coconut oil or other favorite baking spray and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the ground turkey, egg, panko, chopped onion, tomato paste, and all seasoning. I get down and dirty and use my hands to mix is all up good! Fill the muffin tins until about 1/4 inch from the top.

Bake for 35 minutes.

While the meat bakes steam or boil a chopped head of cauliflower. Drain of all water and squeeze between two layers of paper towels to get as much water out as you can. Add the cooked cauliflower to food processor or Vitamix while still warm.

In a separate small pan, lightly brown the chopped garlic in some olive oil and then add to the food processor or Vitamix. Add the Ghee, salt and pepper and non-dairy yogurt. Process until smooth but not pureed. You can kind feel it out and get the consistency you like best.

When the muffins are done remove them from the oven and then carefully remove them from the muffin pan and place on a baking sheet. Spoon BBQ sauce over each one. Next sprinkle some cheese if using. If not skip this step and spoon a little cauliflower mash over each one, making sure it stays at the top of the “cupcake”/muffin/meat thingy.

Broil high for an additional 5 minutes.

Sprinkle tops with some paprika and serve with your favorite salad!

Cupid’ll get ya good!





Greek Shrimp over Baked Polenta


Polenta is one of those things I like, KNOW I ate as a kid but can’t for the life of me remember a specific occasion or what was even on it. But I know the taste. I figured there must be many shrimp and polenta recipes out there especially since shrimp and grits is a thing. I found many recipes online so I had an idea of how to execute but I needed to find something to make mine interesting enough to post. So here is a greek spin!

I used feta cheese, diced tomatoes, Kalamata olives, lemon and garlic…like a warm Greek salad…but with SHRIMP. I bought tubed Polenta and cut it into slices during prep. These were super easy to make in the oven. While they baked I whipped everything else up in a skillet.

This was a joy to serve and eat and I will definitely be making it again…


1/2 dozen large fresh uncooked shrimp (rinsed and peeled, tails removed)

1 8oz can diced tomatoes (I used one with added jalapeño)

1/2 fresh lemon, squeezed

1/4 cup Kalamata olives, lightly chopped

1/4 cup Feta cheese and a little more for topping

1 tube pre-made Polenta, sliced approx 1/4 inch

salt/pepper/red pepper flakes to taste

1 tablespoon oregano

fresh chopped parsley to top (or cilantro in my case cause that’s all I had)

olive oil



Slice the Polenta and arrange on baking pan, each side dabbed lightly with olive oil. Sprinkle a little feta cheese on each piece. Baked at 400 for about 20-25 minutes.

While the Polenta bakes, sauté the garlic and shrimp in olive oil on med. heat. When shrimp is just pink add tomatoes, lemon juice, spices, olives. Sauté another 10 minutes.

Remove Polenta cakes from oven and arrange on serving plate. Top with shrimp mixture, a little more feta cheese and chopped parsley.