My kitchen is my safe space. Get out.

So I don’t have any formal training in the culinary arts. I have no certifications from online nutrition programs (yet?). But I do remember getting crazy in the kitchen as early as 4 years old. My father was probably the most talented and creative self-taught chef I have ever known. He was always in the kitchen creating dishes from all over the world, with the freshest ingredients, always from scratch. If he was cooking fish, we went to Chinatown in Los Angeles and bought it fresh from the markets where there were rows and rows of sea creatures dead on slabs of ice. Or sometimes alive in the case of lobsters. I remember my little sister and I going around poking the fish in the eyeballs while we waited for my dad to shop. I know gross right? But dinner was always a special event when I was a little girl and we always sat at the table and we always had a gourmet meal equivalent to a 5 star restaurant in Northern Italy, or Spain, or Indonesia, or whatever he felt like cooking that day. There was always bread on the table and there was always wine.

On the other side of my heritage was my Polish-Jewish grandmother, a holocaust survivor and all around badass. She taught me about the more humble side of cooking, cultivating my love of comforting and simple food (and carbs!). Between these two influences, I began using cooking as an outlet for, well, stuff.

Cooking is more than food for me, it’s also my favorite meditation and stress relief. And a way of giving to people I love and adore. In the past it’s been a great tool to entrap love interests that I’ve wanted to impress.

One day in the car, my best friend told me that I had “audacity”…I had to look the word up. He meant it in a positive way, though it can mean a lot of things, not always good. But I saw it as him saying I wasn’t afraid to do crazy things. I think I am that way in the kitchen too. 

I would always post pics on FB and friends/family would ask for recipes. Problem was I rarely use recipes and never write stuff down. I have always just cooked on the fly. This started as an attempt to actually record the things I’m always whipping up!

I have a special interest in organic and healthy cooking. I love reading about current trends, new products, advances in nutrition, different diets for all the various different needs people have, etc. I also love dining out! It’s my favorite social activity. So in addition to my own recipes i’ll be posting reviews on products and restaurants as well. Cool? Cool!

I have recently begun a fascination with wine and how it relates to food and dining culture. I will now be posting my adventures and experiences as a new student of wine. Be gentle and kind.