Dani’s Pizza Colorado w/ Roasted Pork Loin and Green Chiles.


Heya guys! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted. I have a very good excuse though, I just uprooted my whole life and moved from Southern California to Southern Colorado. If you have ever moved before you know it’s a seemingly never-ending pile of things to do and things that cost money. Try it with 6 animals in your U-Haul! But I finally made it! I did it! I am here. I’m a Colorado girl now!

I have been here about two weeks now and I have spent most of it exploring and trying all the new, exciting restaurants I could find. There’s a lot here. It’s going to take me a year or so. But after days and days of eating a lot of not very healthy food, my body demanded to be taken to the nearest Whole Foods Market. It took a long time to get my kitchen in order but it is now ready for culinary experimentation.

That being said, this recipe isn’t exactly my healthiest…though it’s all organic, non-processed, non-GMO ingredients. But I just had to make something inspired by my new home. And one of the first things I noticed here is that most places you go, they have Colorado style green chili. Usually with pork. You can get it on burgers, you can get it on fries, you can get it on your hash browns! And it’s so so SO good. I was deciding whether or not I wanted to make this dish with meat, or make it vegetarian. But then I saw this super pretty grass-fed pork loin at Whole Foods and that special spark lit up in my brain…

image1 copy

This loin is just under one pound. I ended up having leftovers. Which were delicious. So the first thing I did was roast this bad boy, after stuffing it with chopped garlic, lime juice, salt, pepper, drizzled with olive oil and THEN topped with this awesome spice mix my mom got me (hi mom!). It’s a brand called Penzey’s spices (they have a website Penzeys.com) and I used the BBQ 3000 flavor. They are super fun, check them out, I love the Cajun spice too!

FullSizeRender copy

After popping this baby in the oven for about 45 minutes to an hour (you can use a meat thermometer, I just eye it, I know i’m bad!)…it should look a little something like this and be tender and easy to slice thin…


*Drools all over myself* Ok moving on. Once the pork is cooked you can sauté your onions and sliced Poblano peppers and get them nice and soft. I grated the Cotija cheese while that sizzled.

Now, I used the Whole Foods pre-made dough. Because I love it. And it’s easy. Though making a dough from scratch is actually super easy. I recommend this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/20171/quick-and-easy-pizza-crust/

FullSizeRender_1 copy

Then it’s the fun part! Assembling! You can layer things your own way but if you want to do exactly what I did, follow the directions. I think it came out pretty fab. After topping the cooked pizza with hella cilantro I heated up the pork juices from the baking pan and a little bit of white wine and drizzled it over the top. It really made it…man. Like…I want to make it again today, ughhhh…



Pork Loin

1 pound organic, grass-fed pork loin

5 cloves garlic, chopped

Olive Oil (to drizzle)

Salt/Pepper/Optional BBQ seasoning

1/2 lime

Other Toppings

2 cups hand shredded Cotija cheese

2 large Poblano peppers, halved into thick slices

1 medium onion, chopped

1 tablespoon Olive Oil


1 cup cilantro

1/4 cup white wine

Pre-made or homemade pizza dough of choice


Pre-heat oven to 350.

In a prepared baking pan cut 1 inch slices into the pork loin and stuff with chopped garlic. Squeeze the lime juice of the loin and add the spices. Lastly, drizzle some olive oil over the top. Take a sheet of aluminum foil and *loosely* place on top of meat. Place on top shelf of oven, closest to the heat and cook for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and cook for an additional 25 minutes or until the center is cooked through.

Remove from oven, cut into slices and set aside.

In a large skillet add some olive oil and heat. Add onions and sauté until they start to soften. Add the sliced Poblano peppers and sauté on medium-high heat until they soften and start to brown. Add salt/pepper if desired. Remove from heat and set aside.


Reset oven to 400. Roll out pizza dough with a floured rolling pin or by hand after wetting hands with warm water and place on a pizza pan.

Drizzle prepared dough with olive oil. Scoop out about half of the sautéed onions and distribute over the pizza dough. Next top with about 3/4ths of the Cojita cheese. Next, lay the Poblano slices around the pizza in a circle, with the ends meeting in the middle. Spread the sliced pork loin around an open spaces. Top with the rest of the cheese and onions. Sprinkle more BBQ seasoning if desired.

Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and place on a cooling rack.

While the pizza cools, add the wine and leftover pork juices from the roasting pan to a small skillet. Simmer on low.

Top pizza with fresh cilantro. Drizzle juice/wine mixture over the top.

STUFF. YOUR. FACE. Bonus: you can add any leftover pork/chiles into your breakfast scramble the next morning.







Test Run: Vegan Tex Mex Pizza (V)


A neat tradition kind of just happened in my household. Monday has become homemade pizza night. Every Monday night I have made a totally different homemade pizza. I literally NEVER EVER over delivery pizza anymore since I started making my own. It all started with the Sardine pizza https://kitchenaudacity.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/sardine-pizza-aka-the-best-pizza-ever/, and since then there have been several different pizzas…from goat cheese/arugula to clam. I have been wanting to do a totally vegan one for a while now, to see if I can make a pizza that is both delicious and totally meat/dairy free. This was my first attempt. I give it a 7 out of 10. It was pretty darn good but here is what I would have done differently next time, which is totally my own personal taste…

1.) I wouldn’t have used the southwest Daiya flavor dairy-free cheese. I actually like the mozzarella and cheddar Daiya flavors but I did not like the southwest. It was something to do with the spices. It had a weird flavor to me that distracted me from the rest of the flavors. FLAVOR OVERDOSE.

2.) I would have used a regular red enchilada sauce over the sauce I used so that’s what I will recommend in the directions!


Otherwise, it was pretty dope. Here is what I used:

  • Vegan pizza dough of choice. (here is a SUPER easy one. http://www.food.com/recipe/vegan-pizza-dough-10579)
  • 1/2 cup red enchilada sauce ( I actually used Frontera Ancho Pepper Adobo sauce but will be using regular enchilada sauce next time as the flavor was a little bitter for my taste also TOO MANY FLAVORS)
  • 1 bag Daiya vegan cheese
  • 1/2 cup organic sweet corn, drained
  • 1/2 cup organic black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 small can sliced black olives
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • small can diced green chiles
  • Cilantro to taste
  • Hot sauce to taste


Heat oven to 400 degrees. Roll pizza dough out on a non-stick pizza pan, or any non-stick round or square pan.

Spread on enchilada sauce and half the bag of vegan cheese. Next top with corn, black beans, olives, green chiles and tomatoes. Top with the rest of the cheese.

Bake for 15-20 minutes until crust gets golden brown.

Remove from oven and cool for 5 minutes. Then top with sliced avocado, cilantro and hot sauce. Make it look real pretty. Stuff your face.

I will be making a vegan pizza again soon, totally different flavor and will post it until I freaking PERFECT it! 🙂



New Haven Inspired Clam Pizza

I gotta say, since I started the tradition of making my own pizza for Monday Night RAW ( I’m a grown ass woman who loves wrestling I know, I’m a freak)…my craving for generic delivery pizza is gone. Like GONE. Like its too salty for me now and leaves me feeling bleh. Now I only crave homemade pizza. And this from someone who just a year ago, at my unhealthiest, would order pizza about twice a week and live off it for days…before I decided to take control of my health. Maybe my pizzas are just the bomb though I don’t know…

I lived in New Haven, Connecticut for a year in 2008 while my boyfriend at the time worked for a law firm there. New Haven pizza is rumored to be some of the best pizza in the USA and has a very distinct style, thin, crispy and even slightly burnt. They are especially known for their clam pizza. I decided to give it a whirl, while still making it my own of course.

I have yet to make my own pizza dough. I will soon I swear! I buy the ready made dough from Whole Foods Markets. This particular shopping trip I noticed they had a multigrain dough and decided to try it. It was nice, nutty with whole seeds. I enjoyed the texture but plain ol’ white pizza dough works. Just roll it out baby!


Raw Pizza Dough

1 can Clams ( see what I used below!)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese

Fresh Water Mozzarella 

1 cup chopped parsley

1 cup chopped white mushrooms

4 cloves garlic,chopped

Salt & Pepper

To be honest, I  was against using fresh water mozzarella. In my mind it didn’t work for this recipe. However the person I was feeding insisted and it ended up being awesome. So thanks ya brat!

I rolled out the dough, greased a foil covered pan with olive oil, then added olive oil to the raw dough as the first layer, followed by the rest of the toppings, adding the parsley and parmesan last and quite liberally. Look how pretty: 

I baked at 400 for 15 min. Then flipped it around and baked for 15 more so it was nice and crisp, but not burnt. Some New Haven style pizza I found to be a little TOO burnt. NYC pizza will always be my fav.

I dare say…this was my best pizza yet. I am getting hungry just looking at these pics, ok bye!



Sardine Pizza (aka the best pizza ever)


Ok maybe not the best pizza ever if you hate sardines, but I love those little babies. I have been trying to find natural sources of B vitamins in food and sardines are tiny nutritional powerhouses. In addition to B vitamins, sardines are loaded with protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, D, E, K…and that is the short list. Sardines are badass.

I remember picnics with my dad as a child, he would have tins of sardines packed in marinara sauce and a loaf of freshly baked French baguette. The most simple meal that ignites happy and comforting feelings in my brain. I will always connect sardines with youth and simplicity in my mind. I’m weird.

Annnnnnd of course…I love pizza. Though I did notice that as I changed my diet and begun to eat healthier, my body could no longer tolerate the sodium explosion that was Domino’s or Pizza Hut. Which is weird because I use to LIVE off fast-food and delivery pizza. Now when I eat chain store pizza I always feel gross and bloated afterwards. So I wanted to try to make my own.

This was my first time making a pizza and I swear it was so good I can’t imagine eating crappy chain pizza ever again (excluding real New York pizza…mmmm)…I can’t wait to experiment more in the pizza arts.

The dough is actually really simple to make. Here is a great, easy to understand one from Food.com http://www.food.com/recipe/quick-and-easy-pizza-dough-117532

You can also buy pre-made pizza dough. I’ve seen it at both Whole Foods Market and Trader Joes. Here is my fav:


I didn’t have a rolling pin handy (just ordered a fancy stainless steel one on Amazon.com but it has yet to arrive) so I pulled and stretched the dough by hand, which is a little more tricky. Either way works. Then I sprayed the stretched dough with some coconut oil spray and set aside on an aluminum foil lined baking sheet (which I also sprayed with a little coconut oil).

Pre-heat the oven to 400.

Grab your favorite sauce or make a super quick and easy one with some tomato paste, garlic, oregano and olive oil sautéed slowly in the skillet.

The fun part. Toppings! Here’s what I used:

1 cup sauce

1 medium tomato, chopped and diced

3 medium balls fresh water mozzarella

1/2 cup feta cheese

2 cloves chopped garlic

2 cans of sardines packed in olive oil

Fresh basil leaves


The photo at the top of this post shows how it looks right before I stuck in the oven.

I baked for 15 minutes, then rotated the pizza pan and baked for another 10. That seemed to be perfect. Crisp but tender crust.


I made this for two people and there was not a leftover in sight. I must say, I was pretty proud of how this turned out. Will definitely be posting more pizza recipes in the future! Maybe every Monday I will make a new, exciting experimental pizza, hmmmmmm…